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Landscape Laborer

Posted on Thursday, September 15, at 9:16 AM.

Maintenance Worker

Posted on Thursday, September 15, at 9:08 AM.
Light maintenance and cleaning.


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Paint Technician

Posted on Friday, August 26, at 10:47 AM.

Paint Technician

Education, prior work experience and specialized skills and knowledge: This position requires basic math competency. Good eyesight and color perception. Must have basic English communication and reading skills, in order to understand work instructions, paint formulas, and safety issues.
Physical Requirements: The position could involve sitting, standing, reaching, stooping, bending, walking, and moderate lifting throughout the workday. This position requires long periods of sitting or standing. No Heavy lifting is required (50+ lbs).
Equipment and Machinery used: Solvents, paints, scales, buckets, funnels, paint mixers, and other materials necessary to perform paint mixing functions

Must be able to work as a part of a TEAM.

Job Requirements:

  • Identify the corresponding formulas based on reference numbers previously established by the Sampling Technician and Coating Supervisor
  • Measure and mix the ingredients in the formula according to the specifications
  • Take mixed paint mixtures to the production lines for use by the technician
  • Manage all assigned coating lines so that production remains operational
  • Label all paint materials properly
  • Maintain clean and organized personal and shared mixing areas of the paint room, storage room, including the area around the paint tanks at each spray booth
  • Maintain and update inventory
  • Notify supervisor when additional inventory is needed
  • Identify hazardous waste
  • Follow all regulatory procedures for proper handling, labeling, storage, and disposal of all hazardous waste
  • Unload delivered paint from warehouse to the designated storage area using the FIFO system
  • Keep accurate records of paint formulas and usage for ISO and internal use

Additional requirements: 
Hazardous Waste training, and Fire Safety training

Additional functions and requirements may be assigned by supervisors, as deemed appropriate.


Interested in this position? Please apply in person. 

254 East 10th Street


8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

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