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Landscape Laborer

Posted on Thursday, September 15, at 9:16 AM.

Maintenance Worker

Posted on Thursday, September 15, at 9:08 AM.
Light maintenance and cleaning.


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Graphics Technician

Posted on Friday, August 26, at 10:53 AM.

Graphics Technician

Education, prior work experience and specialized skills and knowledge: This position requires basic math and mechanical competency. Good eyesight and color perception. Must have good communication and reading skills, in order to understand work instructions and safety issues. Must have good organizational and time management skills. Record production counts, graphic specifications, and internal findings. Familiar with ISO standards for recording data.
Physical Requirements : The position could involve sitting, standing, reaching, stooping, bending, walking, and moderate lifting throughout the workday. This position requires long periods of sitting or standing. Occasional side-to-side motion is needed while moving boxes to their next station. No Heavy lifting is required (50+ lbs).
Equipment and Machinery used: Various hand tools, solvents, hand carts, ink, compressed air lines, natural gas lines, measuring devices, plastic bags, cardboard boxes, tape dispensers, box cutters, calculator, and customer standards as visual comparators

Must be able to work as a part of a TEAM.

Job requirements:

  • Obtain job packet with necessary information from the Graphics Supervisor or Coordinator
  • Read job packet and obtain the necessary tooling
  • Set up machine to function as efficiently as possible
  • Give job packet to the floor attendant to retrieve parts
  • Give Quality Control the information so they can get the standard box from the QC shelf or Standards Room
  • Match the artwork in the job packet to the standard in the Standard Box
  • Obtain screens from the screen cabinets
  • Make ink according to the formulations provided in the job packet
  • Produce a part of acceptable quality
  • Visually compare the artwork, customer standard, and the part produced for missing print, scratches, black spots, heat marks, or broken pieces by using standard comparison, color match, graphic location
  • If part is acceptable notify Quality Control to sign a line standard is signed, if not then adjustments should be made by the technician
  • Describe the requirements and expectations for the job to the production workers
  • Monitor the production progress at rotating intervals during the day to insure continuity and conformity
  • Make labels according to the customer requirements in the job packet
  • Check labels for correct information
  • Keep accurate records of all actions performed and requirements of the production run
  • Accurately record production rates, scrap counts and time studies on the daily production log
  • Accurately record information for new jobs on the Graphic Specification Sheet or update specifications as necessary when re-running an order

If unacceptable parts or labels are found:

  • Notify Quality manager of the nonconformance

Stock and inventory supplies and materials used during production, train new employees to operate machines, pack production, or assemble product, troubleshoot machines as needed throughout the shift, perform routine maintenance on a variety of machines (flamers, screens, dryers, screening machines, hot-stampers, pad printers, and conveyors), maintain and record new tooling, create and record new ink formulations, notify Graphic Coordinator of inventory levels and required materials
Additional functions and requirements may be assigned by supervisors, as deemed appropriate.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $10.50 /hour


Interested in this position? Please apply in person.

254 East 10th Street


8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

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