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History of MOSAICO, Inc. 



Over the last 10 years, refugees have been the fastest growing population in Erie. Mosaico was started in 2007 by the Hispanic American Council of Erie (now known as the Multicultural Community Resource Center) as a for profit employment agency. 


It began to assist primarily refugees, immigrants, and others whom English was not a primary language – coupled with the thought that it would be a good step for a non-profit to seek other funding sources, as budgets became tighter and tighter. Additionally, it was realized that we knew the strengths and the barriers that new-comers bring to the work place; ergo, Mosaico could better serve the target population.


From the beginning, Mosaico has always been open to the general population of Erie. During the first few years, Mosaico was an agency that sought only entry level positions.  Now we have expanded to the capability of filling most any position needed.


The goal of Mosaico is to take the time to match an individual’s skills to the right placement. Mosaico spends extra time evaluating skills, attitudes, and assessing barriers that limits the individual’s chances for success. Mosaico brings a ‘non-profit-case-management-caring’ approach to the for profit employment business. 




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