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"It’s wonderful to work with an agency that has people who understand the needs of production and are willing to work with our needs."


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Why Choose MOSAICO Employment Services in Erie, PA?

  • MOSAICO has direct access to the newest and fastest growing populations in Erie.
  • Look to MOSAICO for the most competitive rates.
  • MOSAICO has proven to greatly reduce employer’s turnover rates.
  • MOSAICO has the availability and support of over ten different languages.
  • MOSAISO’s profits always go back to a local, community organization.
  • MOSAICO has grown 82% in the past year.
  • When facing employment barriers, MOSAICO can bridge the gap towards success.
  • MOSAICO provides the broadest of employee skill sets.

Why choose any other agency? MOSAICO is the way to go.


Call or email us today! MOSAICO Employment Services, Inc. is ready to assist you with your employment needs.

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